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Life can be stressful, and as parents we want to be able to help our children to effectively deal with adversity. This Parent-child Self-Compassion live online training can help parents/caregivers and children age 7-10 to develop and practice the vital skills of mindfulness and self-compassion together.

Numerous research studies show that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, coping with life challenges, lower levels of anxiety and depression, and more satisfying personal relationships. It is a gift to be able to help our children develop this inner strength.

Parent-Child Self-Compassion training includes:

  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding emotions
  • Self-Kindness practices
  • Body awareness
  • Coping effectively with difficult emotions
  • Strategies for self-soothing
  • Self-compassion practices
  • Cultivating curiosity and gratitude

“Good balance of material for parents and kids. I liked the engagement and activities. Also, the structure, format and organization helped the material to sink in.”

Watch Jamie Lynn Tatera, instructor for the course, talk to a parent and child about their experiences with this course.

In these videos, Jamie Lynn and her daughter Anjali demonstrate how she teaches self-compassion concepts.

This online training is being offered using Zoom. Each parent-child pair will be invited to share a computer screen while they participate in the sessions together.

Class sessions will begin with a check-in, which will be followed by a mindful moment. During mindful moments parents and children will be invited to notice something that is happening in the present moment (such as listening to sounds, or noticing body sensations).

Parent-child dyads will then engage in a series of mindfulness and self-compassion mini-lessons and practices. Lessons incorporate fun metaphors, objects, and stories to teach relatable ideas and practices. Parents and kids will be invited periodically to pause to discuss their class experiences with one another (in the online environment, the parent and child will mute themselves as they discuss their experiences with each other).

Each class will also include a simple art activity or a game.

Jamie Lynn Tatera, the instructor for this course, will send an E-mail each week with the materials that families need to bring to class. The materials include common household objects, such as stuffed animals (or toys), plates, paper, and pencils.

“Thank you for sharing such great strategies. We like the combo of learning and playing.”

FAQs for kids only:

  1. Will this be boring?
    No, Jamie Lynn is very entertaining, and we often play games during class. Kids are sometimes sad when this six-week class is done because they miss our weekly gatherings.
  2. Do I have to talk about my feelings in front of other people?
    No. When Jamie Lynn asks a question, parents and kids mute themselves to discuss their responses with one another. Jamie Lynn sometimes gives participants the choice to share with the whole group, but whole group sharing is optional.
  3. Why do I need to take this class?
    Covid-19 is hard. Life is full of challenges. Self-compassion can help us to feel okay and connected to others when life is hard.
  4. Will this class help my parent?
    Yes. This class will help your mom/dad/caregiver as much as it will help you. But….shhhh… don’t have to tell your mom or dad that ?!