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Thank you for your interest in our self-compassion course. To be considered for a partial scholarship for the course, you will need to complete a brief scholarship application. Also, we are providing our scholarship guidelines below. Thank you.

Apply now for a scholarship:

Mindful Self-Compassion Scholarship Making Friends with Yourself Scholarship Parent-Child Scholarship


To be considered for a scholarship, all applicants must submit a completed application form through the online application portal by one month prior to the date of the first class. Only complete applications by the published deadline will be considered by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee.

Selection Process
All completed applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee to ensure that every applicant receives full consideration.
Applicants will be scored using a points system based on the evidence of need for support, and evidence of benefits to applicant. All decisions by the Scholarship Application Evaluation Committee are final.

Scholarships will be awarded in a manner that matches the higher monetary award amounts with the better qualified candidates who meet all the requisite criteria. Scholarships will range from 25% -50% of the cost of the program.

Award Guidelines
Successful applicants are expected to attend at least 7 out of 8 sessions, otherwise, applicants will be asked to pay back the full scholarship amount.
Unless otherwise specified, successful applicants will be awarded only one scholarship or award from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute per calendar year.